Dear Parish Family,

I wanted to let you know about an exciting plan for the future of our parish family.  To build a sense of community for our current parishioners and create a welcoming place for new families, we are moving forward with constructing a pavilion and playground on our church grounds.  I see this as a great way to welcome back existing families and extend a warm welcome to new members of our parish community.

Please recognize that our parishioners' donations will fully fund this project, and we will not accrue debt to move forward with this construction.  On a similar note, I am excited to report that after several large bequests and your donations, our existing church building's debt is less than $350,000.

I recognize that we still face several financial hurdles, such as paying off our remaining debt and the annual diocesan campaign.  This project will help us look forward to a very bright future and help with our parish's stability and growth, as it will provide many opportunities for us to gather together.

Thank you for your prayers and if you are able, your financial support   for this vital project.  I am very grateful to serve as your pastor, and I look forward to creating a welcoming environment for our parish family for generations to come.

May God Bless You,

Fr. Leo, Pastor 





• 40 x 90 Feet (3600 Square Feet)

• Metal Roof with Maintenance Free Exterior

• Concrete Pad with ADA Compliant Sidewalks

• Electric, Lighting, & Water

• Outdoor Kitchen Area with Storage Refrigeration and Sink

• Small Playground Area:  To Be Determined


Click here to download the Pavilion Mailer and to make a donation