Script/Script Rewards

School Scrip Program

By participating in the School Scrip program you can help our school raise money while doing the shopping you would normally do anyway. Scrip is a variety of gift cards to well-known stores which can be purchased through our school and then used like cash at hundreds of national retailers (grocery stores, department stores, restaurants and many others). St. Margaret Mary School receives a small percentage of each dollar spent. Scrip gift cards for popular merchants are often available for sale after the Sunday 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Masses. Orders sent to the school by Tuesday can be picked up on Thursday or sent home with your child on Friday.

Orders can now be done online. To login or setup your account go to Then send a printed copy of the order and a check into school.

For more information about the Scrip program call, contact Kelli Cross at 717-545-2250 or Barb Smith at 717-233-1311.

Giant A+ School Rewards

GIANT grocery stores offers the A+ School Rewards program through which St. Margaret Mary School earns CASH each time parents and parishioners use their BONUSCARD at any GIANT store. For more information, click here.