Capital Campaign

On August 8, 1948, ground was broken for a church/school complex on Herr Street for the “new” St. Margaret Mary Parish, which was established earlier that year. As was the practice at the time, the worship space was located in what was to become the gymnasium after a church could be built. Sixty two years later in 2010 the parish community celebrated the dedication of the present church on Paxton Church Road. Now we have a beautiful space that was designed for worship (and the parish and school have a gym). This accomplishment is certainly a reason to celebrate, but it came at a price – and with a mortgage.

If the purpose of the current capital campaign was simply to pay off a lingering debt, it would be worthwhile pursuing; however, the endgame lays farther out in the future. We currently have very little space for meetings and gatherings and I have heard more than once “We need a parish center”. So the view to the future includes a center where the parish community can gather and new office space where the day to day business of the parish can be conducted. None of this forward thinking can become a reality as long as we are carrying the current debt.

$1,948 is what is being asked of every household in the parish (more if you can afford it). If we can see a majority of households pledging this amount over a three year period (and paying the pledge), we will be able to amortize the debt and put some money in the bank. If every household (1850) gives $1,948 we will raise over $3 million. Good news for sure! If we want to build additional facilities in the future, it would be a boon for the parish to be able to begin developing a reserve savings fund that would help us with the 50% cash on hand, which is required by the diocese in order to move forward with new construction.

Participation in the current campaign will make the theme of this debt reduction campaign a reality and will prove to be an opportunity to open wide the doors to the future. Your participation is needed.

May God bless you all for your faith and interest in paving a way for the future.


Capital Campaign